Sunday, June 8, 2008


Last week was a helluva week. I mean the positive "hell" here coz I sort of enjoyed what I did. hehe.

May 6: Kulang sa tulog because kelangan taposin ang wedding presentation for ate's wedding and uwi na ako kinabukasan ng hapon and since it's a surprise, I can't work at home coz obviously she'll be around most of the time for the preparation.

May 7: I came to the office earlier than usual coz kelangan ko mag undertime coz I have to go home. Jon and I arrived home 9:00 in the evening and I was shocked sa dami ng tao sa bahay and coz of that I had an idea and was glad coz everything I needed for the presentation e nasa bahay na. We waited for ate to sleep and took everyone's messages thru jon's cp. I slept late coz I embedded the videos in my presentation but sadly hindi pa siya tapos coz I also needed messages of kuya rick's relatives.

May 8: Wedding day! I woke up early coz I have to rush to kuya rick's relatives to ask for their messages. Afterwards, I edited the videos a lil bit then embedded it all in the presentation. Bahala na si batman! I rushed to the hotel coz I have my obligations as maid honor. Nagpaganda. Picture2x. Nag-alalay sa bride. Picture2x. I was glad they love the presentation. Pinaghirapan gud namo ni jon. Hilak jud ko kng may manghinaway! The wedding was a blast! I'm really happy for ate and kuya. After the wedding, nag videoke pa kami pero pagka 2am, hapla na akong beauty.

May 9: Woke up @ 7am then byahe agad coz I have to be in davao at 1pm. I have to prepare stuff coz I have to go to CDO on monday and wala ng ibang time para magprepare. 7pm, I met some of my college friends, had dinner and nag meeting for the next day college reunion. Went home mga 2am coz laag2 pa kami especially c jnet ngayon lang nakapatong ng davao after how many months.

May 10: Reunion! Woke up @ 7am coz the assembly time is 8am in Sta. Ana port pa. Bad trip coz nag change venue kami. Instead na somewhere in talikod, Paradise nalang daw para marami ang maka sunod. Nag overnight kami, nagswimming, naglaro, kumain and nagkwentohan. I really enjoyed the reunion kahit kunti lang kami.

May 11: We dozed off at 3am and woke up mga 7am. We ate our breakfast, kwentuhan naman ulit, gusto sanang maligo ulit coz the beach was so tempting, took photos and finally went home @ 10am. Hapla na sad akong beauty and woke up mga 2:30pm. Mga 5pm we went to G-Mall to meet jnet there and bade goodbye coz she's flying back to manila na. Then went to Penong's with em2 and jon coz that time unlimited rice ang hanap ko. Kelangan kong e kain ang pagod ko! Went home, fixed my stuff for CDO at natulog.

May 11: CDO! Woke up @ 12mn, took a bath, browse ng internet sandali then hinatid ako ni jon sa bus terminal. Em2 told me na 2:30am ang 1st trip unfortunately 4am pala. So we waited for 2 hours saka ako naka alis. 11am when I arrived at CDO. Nahirapan ako to get taxi from the terminal coz nagtransport strike but after 20 minutes, i finally got lucky. Went to the hotel and met my boss there. To make it short, we ate at Butcher's bbq, went back to hotel, went to Bo's for meeting, went to Ororama and G-mall for trade check, went to Malburry for meeting, went to unilver office for photocopy, went to my hotel to rest, had dinner at green haven, went to ketkai and bought a bday cake for my cousin, went back to hotel to check out and when i got there my uncle was already waiting, went to my aunt's place in gusa, we surprised my pinsan for his bday, sit and talked with them for a while and finally they brought me to the bus terminal. I took the 11pm ride and arrived (at last) in davao at 4am.

Now tell me, hindi ba naging Hell ang week ko? Sort of good hell pala. hehe.


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