Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 Silly and Candid Things You Don't Know About Me

8. I was a problem child... during feeding time. I usually cry when its feeding time and it took an hour for me to finish my meal. Kailangan pa itulak ang kanin sa akong mouth from the spoon according to my papa. So maaga ako ginigising para d ma late sa school.

7. John Pratts didn't let me sleep. When I was in Grade 3, twas my first time to see a celebrity in person (labi na kay lalaki) that after I saw John Pratts during their Sustagen tour with camille in Gensan, I can't sleep for a week because I was always thinking about him.

6. A recorder was once my bestfriend. Durng my Grade School days, I study with a recorder. First, I wrote down possible questions then record it. Example: " What is the lightest organ in the body? ( then 1 minute pause para isipon ang answer or to peek with my notes )  Lungs " Mura kog buang sa akong room! And at present, when I go home and papa will sundo me sa bus terminal, ipaplay na sa iyang car ang katong tapes nako. He plays it daw when he misses me. Sweet.

5. May fetish ako sa Notebooks. I buy notebooks but don't use it. I bought them coz they're cute or I just feel like buying. Pero wala na ko kabalo asa na.

4. I chew menthol candy when I bathe.  Twas in High School. I don't know why. Maybe I like the coolness when water touches my face. (murag advertisement!)

3. I don't like ketchup. Kay weird man og taste.

2. I'm a cry baby. Tear jerk! Even for the smallest and non sense thing I would cry.

1. I had an awful teeth. Imagine an awful teeth with bangkils. That's it! 'Til I had my braces in Grade 6 upto 1st Year High School then retainer for a year. Salamat po doctor!


lunaticg said...

chew menthol candy when you bath? Why do you do that?

bambiediby said...

I don't know. I just love it.

Myraine said...

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Laarni said...

I also had braces for three years and my dentist told me that I need to wear the retainers forever. yay!

Theresa said...

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