Friday, October 26, 2007

A home video in Youtube taken down by Prince

A home video of an 18 month-old baby with "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince music at the background was taken down by Youtube. Stephanie Lenz, the mother of the baby said she received an e-mail from YouTube informing her that her video had been removed from the site at the request of Universal Music. The latter cried for copyright infringement. Actually, it was Prince who doesn't want his music to be used in Youtube or in any other user-generated site without his permission. But Mrs. Lenz is fighting back and filed complaint with Youtube and so the video was brought back. Moreover, she is suing Universal Music claiming they were abusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Oh come on! A toddler dancing with your song - isn't it cute and adorable? You can even hardly
recognize the song in the background. Bummer!

For the complete story, click here.


Anonymous said...

The kid wasn't even that cute. THAT should have been the reason for removing the video, not the Prince song.

Anonymous said...

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