Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ate bambie saves the day

At the office:

One busy afternoon, sofia came to me and said “Ate, kelangan ko ng attire for the play tomorrow.” I replied “So?". She said “Sabi ni mama kaw daw bibili.” Before I could react, my phone rang. It was ate bing, sofia’s mom and my officemate. I totally forgot that she and sir jay, his husband was in Manila for sir jay’s visa processing. She asked if I could sneak out of the office to buy sofia’s attire. She said I was her last resort coz the kid badly needed the attire. I’m doomed! So as soon as I finished my task for the day, I grabbed sofia and rush to the nearest mall.

At the mall:

Gaisano South is the nearest mall from our office in marfori, so we were there after 5 minutes. It was 3pm so we still have 2 hours coz sofia’s carpool will arrive at 5pm. Then we rushed to 4th floor to the kids section first. Our goal is to find a green pants and a green jacket with hood. She’s going to be the turtle for the play so she needs to appear all in green.

When we got there, we instantly found sofia’s perfect pants and it’s very cheap. Finding the green pants was effortless but finding the jacket was chaotic. We found a jacket but not a plain green. We also found plain green jacket but without hood. Sofia and I argued a lot along the shopping coz I want to give up and just pick one of those jackets but she insisted what her teacher told her. She keep repeating “Ate, dark green jacket with hood po ang sabi ni teacher.” My last resort was the ladies section. So we dashed down the third floor and look all over the place. Eventually, we found a light green jacket. But before that we argued once again coz earlier she keep on saying that her teacher asked for dark green jacket but now she said that its okay as long as it is green. Knowing sofia, she won’t stop ‘til she gets what she wants. As expected, she keeps on reasoning out. She told me that people won’t notice the difference but I can tell she really like the jacket not just for the sake of having an attire but more than that. Funny thing was she found another green jacket that I like. So we went to the fitting room to check it out. And she was like sales-talking me the jacket but I really find it too undersized for me. In the end, I bought the jacket for her and went home tired. It was 4:45 in the afternoon, just in time for her carpool.

With the experience, I realized that having a daughter or son is no easy thing. Especially at sofia’s age who already know and will argue what she wants to wear. I really thought that you can make every kid wear anything. It was stressful but at the same time enjoyable.


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pearl said...

nice ate..pwd kanang mag kaya lng taasan mo konti pasenxa mo..heheh..mabuti na lng nanjan ka pra suportahan c sofia..God bless u ate bam..