Tuesday, March 18, 2008

thinking out loud

I love taking pictures. It’s very obvious for those people I’m connected with in friendster and multiply. As of today, I have 313 photos in friendster and 13 albums (I lose count of the photos) in multiply and not to mention my rarely updated facebook, myspace accounts and pictures in my laptop.

I don’t only take narcissistic photos but also photos of sites and sceneries as long as it looks fascinating to me.
Here comes the revelation. I took all my photos with my handphone (N6630). L Of course I’m happy with my photos but I’m not satisfied. For the record, my phone has 1.3 megapixels. With that, my photos aren’t that sharp or detailed. I’ve been to beautiful places but when I take pictures with my phone I always wish I have my own digital camera. To make the most of this wishful thinking, what I really want is a DSLR Camera and to be specific, an Olympus E-510. Here’s how it looks:
What really amaze me about this cam are the features such as 10megapixels, dust control, a live view LCD screen and built-in image stabilization. There’s this filter in the cam that prevents dust contamination to your cam. Dust is actually those irritating dark spots in your photos. Live view LCD screen is actually nothing new to digital cams. After you take pictures you can view immediately the upshot. What I like most with this cam is the built-in image stabilization. Because sometimes I have shaky hands when taking pictures that I get really annoyed with the outcome. So this camera is really perfect for me. The last time I checked, this cam costs $585 which is really cheaper than its introductory price (of course). I hope before this year end, I’ll be able to buy this cam. This is so going to my 2008 wish list.


sendo said...

wish i have my own camera . and this one here will be on my wish list as well. :D

exchange links?

bambiediby said...

sure! check my blogroll.