Friday, March 7, 2008

I learn something today…

NEVER leave your friendster account logged in. Especially if you access it in internet café’s.

Before my sister leave for Cagayan de oro, she passed by my cousin’s internet café to check her email, friendster or multiply account. When she arrived at my aunt’s house in Cagayan, she tried many times logging in her friendster account but she failed. So she started worrying. So she asked her bf to check her friendster profile. And presto! Flashing in her shoutbox is: "owned by punkskaPRINCESS88". Aside from this, her featured friends are all gone. Instead, the sole featured friend is punkskaPRINCESS88’s profile. After few minutes, this text flashes on screen in black background: owned by: punkskaPRINCESS88 So my sister ym-ed me for help. The perpetrator really is the punkskaPRINCESS88. I checked her profile but it was suspended by friendster. So what really happened is that, my sister forgot to log out her account, someone use the same pc, changed the email and password of the said account so its like claiming it her own.

I am a friendster addict. I always check and maintain my account every day, twice or thrice. During my free time, I do some modifications on my profile like my personal info, put some applications, design my own background image and upload my latest photos. So it’s really a BIG deal for me if my account’s get stolen.

If you know who this punkskaPRINCESS88, please let me know. I want her to know that it’s very unethical for someone to steal someone else’s belonging.


pearl said...

yakz..ka bad nung nagnakaw ng frndster account ng sister mu ate..dapat syang makulong yung mgnanakaw dahil nd biro yung gnawa nia..
LessOn:Don't leave ur things unattended..hehhe..jowk..
bsta wag kalimutan na isign out ang inyung frndster account or saan mn kau nag sign in lalong lalo na kng kau ay gumagamt ng computer sa cafe..hehhe..dat's all!
God bless you always ate bam..

bambiediby said...

yeah. looy gani c ate em2 nimo. dli na siya excited mag check og friendster maski may bag o na siya na account. iyaha gud 2 pinaghirapana. looy pud.

Anonymous said...

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