Friday, March 7, 2008

New york fashion schools

When we say fashion the first thing that register to our minds are fabulous clothes and gorgeous models. But what really amazes me is the one who designed those fabulous clothes to be worn by those gorgeous models on runway. Fashion designers are famous, rich and being idolized. And most of them come from famous cities and popular fashion schools.

If you want to join the world of fashion designers, you better enroll to a prestigious fashion school. You can visit this website to check the best fashion school if you prefer fashion school in new york. The website will provide their recommended new york fashion schools for you to check. These fashion schools new york offers different courses pertaining to designing. These schools will enhance your skills in designing for you to get ready for the real world of fashion. Aside from this, the schools also teach you other skills like coordinating runway, merchandizing, sales, marketing and many more. These schools will really be a big factor in your chosen field which is designing. Featured new york fashion schools are Katharine Gibbs School, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Westwood College Online. Check their website to know more details about these fashion schools.

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