Saturday, July 5, 2008

buhay tambay

written June 26, 2008
My unilever days ended last june 15, 2008. I left after dada and anj did. I have to because i realized that the job wasn't for me and there's another job waiting for me. Though it was "Unilever" and the pay was good, the job requires a lot of travelling and I'm not used to it. Exactly not me. People who know me well knew that I won't stay long for that kind of job. But 3 months was like 3 years for me because I found great friends, been to places and knew stuff i didn't know before. I'm not happy to leave but I know it's for the best. (*crossing fingers)

On the brighter side, I'll be officially on board for another company on june 30. So it means I have 15 days of vacation. yey!

Before my tambay days came, I downloaded bunch of movies and tv series and copied some of old flicks (i've watched and haven't) from my cousins. I hope it would be enough because I have my part time jobs and my pamangkins to keep me busy during those days.

My 2-year old pamangkin, derek was my alarm clock every 12nn or earlier, everyday. He would jump on my bed, yell at my ear or put his fingers on my eyes while saying "tita gising na gabi na! kain na!". My sister always ask him to wake me up because they knew when I slumber you can barely wake me up but derek is different. He won't lay off 'til he brings you out to have lunch. So that is how i spend my first part of the day. Having lunch. Then I take a bath afterwards I bury myself to work. And then when (I think) I'm done, I indulge myself to movies and tv series which is my favorite part of the day aside from sleeping anyway and because of my hectic schedule, I usually dooze off at 4am in the morning. And this has been my routine for days.

To name, I've watched lord of the rings trilogy, harry potter trilogy, bourne trilogy, shrek trilogy, mission impossible trilogy, just married, the others, shutter (english version), matrix trilogy, sex and the city (which i love), chocolate (thai), the happening, cloverfield (which sucks!), ironman, 21, definitely maybe, One tree hill - season 5, smallville - season 7, grey's anatomy - season 4 (my favorite) and watched some episodes of gossip girl, supernatural and the hills.

This is my own version of having a vacation and over all, I was happy and satisfiied with it. I get to do what I love and spent time with myself, family, friends and jon. Too bad it's almost over.

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