Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ashop Shopping Cart Software

Ashop sells amazing shopping cart software that give u the convenience of selling or advertising your products online. This e-commerce software has an admin control panel that lets you manage and monitor your product information and transactions such as shipping, payment and checkout information.

Shopping cart software is easy to use and configure. Getting started is so easy. Just signup then all the instructions and user manual will be sent to your email. Then you can now enter your products and put some information.

The best part of this software is that there are no installations needed. You can access your online store anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Aside from this, Ashop will host your own e-commerce site with 99.8% guaranteed uptime with daily backups. In such a way your shopping cart is safe and stable. Moreover, you can enhance the design of your website to attract more potential buyers or customers.

Ashop offers affordable plans for 3 regions – United States, United Kingdom and Australia. You can visit their site for more information.


ainah said...

Hello ateh!!!!!! muztah na u......... kalibog man sad ni imong blog uuy hehehhehehe...........regards ko dira......regardzz sad from Basultin Family...Love Yahh

bambiediby said...

wow! interesting kaau imong comment kai ai. hehe. anyway, sure! e regards tka.