Sunday, February 3, 2008

Notes from the field - july 26, 2006

I was tasked to go to field with Klaus Nigge and to see Philippine Eagles in the wild because the last time I went on field I failed. Yes I failed though I spent almost 3 hours hiking, I got bitten by a leech, sting by a bee and I tripped but I never got the chance to see a Philippine Eagle in the wild. Atleast I've seen their nest and realized how big it was that a Shaquel O'neal can actually lay there.

Whew! But just two days ago after a 20-minute hike (chicken!), I’ve seen not only the juvenile PE but also PE mom and dad. Yepee! I didn’t know that PE actually knows how to otso-otso when it rains. And I find him so cute. Of course I was with biologists and they explain to me why so. Well, it was a superb experience and I’ll make sure it wouldn’t be my last. :)

Photo by: Klaus Nigge - National Geographic Magazine

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