Monday, February 4, 2008

Make Money for blogging

Smorty is a website where advertisers and bloggers meet. It serves as a middleman to the Advertisers and the Bloggers. In Smorty, bloggers get paid for blogging about products, website or services so that advertisers can gain more sales, increase traffic to their website and attract potential customers.

Bloggers publish their opinion about the product and link it back to the advertiser’s website for it to draw more visitors and more buyers. Smorty provides opportunities for bloggers to select which product they want to advertise on blogs and get paid on weekly basis. Moreover, minimum cost per blog is $6 and your income depends on your page rank or how popular your blog is. I think this is more productive than spending your time doing nonsense stuff on the internet. Imagine, you get paid by just sharing your opinion and experience.

So visit Smorty to know more about this amazing offer.


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